Mining.Taxi for Rider

"Take a Taxi and Mine Crypto" ®

Until Q3 2025, Mining.Taxi is in beta testing mode

If you need to get cheap from point A to point B, just Install the app and start using Mining.Taxi. You are responsible for your own safety, so make sure your trip is safe.

Starting in Q3 2025, Taxi Community will begin issuing rewards in TAXI tokens, MINING tokens or Bitcoin, your choice, for using Mining.Taxi. You can refuse crypto rewards and simply use Mining.Taxi to reduce your trips taxi costs.

You need to independently learn how to store and exchange crypto without committing illegal actions in the country in which you are located.

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* Cryptocurrencies are a high-risk product. Be carefully and use at your own risk.

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Mining.Taxi will start in Q3 2025!

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