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If you need to get cheap from point A to point B, just Install the app and start using Mining.Taxi:

  • Install the Rider app and register,

Welcome. By using Mining.Taxi apps, you agree to the Privacy Policy and Legal Disclaimer. You are responsible for your safety, so make sure your trip is safe. You must refuse a trip if you believe that your trip will not be safe, as Mining.Taxi and Taxi Community are not responsible for any trips or your safety.

Starting in Q3 2025, Taxi Community will send all Mining.Taxi users crypto rewards for every trip you take:

Order a taxi through our mobile apps and receive TAXI tokens, MINING tokens or Bitcoin, your choice, for every trip. Collect at least 10 TAXI tokens, or 1 MINING token or $3 if you chose Bitcoin rewards, to withdraw them to any other BEP20 wallet or Bitcoin wallet. DeFi Swap them for any other tokens from the DeFi Swap Token Lists.

This is your reward for choosing our product and you are free to use it as you wish. You can refuse crypto rewards and simply use Mining.Taxi to reduce your trips taxi costs.


How can I pay for the trip?
  • Currently, payment for the trip is only in cash.

Why is the cost of a trip to Mining.Taxi cheaper than other taxi services?
  • Payment for trips in Bitcoin and other crypto will soon appear.

How to start mining BNB coins?
  • Read the information on the Mine page and use the Mining application.

How to get MINING tokens now for free?
  • Install the App and Register to get free MINING tokens.

How many MINING tokens can I get for free?
  • New users are rewarded with 0.05 MINING token.

How many MINING tokens will I receive from the trip?
  • For each trip you make, you will receive 0.025 MINING token if you pay the driver in cash.

How much can I sell a MINING token for?
  • The cost of the MINING token depends on how much liquidity Taxi Community has added to the Pool, namely 15.00% of the total revenue Mining.Taxi is added to the Liquidity Pool.

Where do BNB coins come from for mine?
  • Income from Mining.Taxi activities is accumulated in BNB coins, and 27% of the total income will be added to the TAXI Smart Contract, which performs the function of a decentralized bank for Mining.

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Mining.Taxi will start in Q3 2025!

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