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Involved in the Taxi Community:

Please pay attention! We cannot guarantee that investors, partners and Taxi Community members will not lose money, since Mining.Taxi's income depends on many factors, including the activity of all participants.

Booking a taxi for longer or shorter destinations has become the norm. With the online availability of taxi applications on mobile phones, traveling has become very convenient. Various companies have emerged using the Web2 concept, earning hundreds of billions of dollars a year from the taxi business. We adhere to the Web3 concept that the product is not owned by one company, but by a community, and invite people who want to benefit from Mining.Taxi to join the Taxi Community and receive crypto rewards.

Mining.Taxi is confident that it can become the fastest growing Web3 product in the world. Mining.Taxi does not work with investment funds, but creates organic growth of the product through its community, which is rewarded for helping the project and completing tasks, with Taxi Community tokens, abbreviated TCT.

There are several ways to receive TCT tokens and become a member of the Taxi Community:

  • Complete tasks to help us and receive Crypto Rewards in TCT tokens,

  • If you like Mining.Taxi, and you want to be at the very beginning, study the HELLO offer and make a small donation.

After Q3 2025, all drivers will need to have RIDE tokens on their balance to make trips, which will be debited from the driver’s balance after each trip made. RIDE tokens can be purchased through DeFi Swap or from Mining.Taxi partners using legal and convenient payment methods in your country.

To become a Mining.Taxi Partners and Earn, you need to accumulate at least 1,000 TCT tokens and pass KYC verification, which will give you the opportunity to sell RIDE tokens on behalf of the Taxi Community:

By becoming a partner of Mining.Taxi, you will receive the first RIDE tokens for free as a bonus and must sell them to drivers from your city or region yourself or wait for the drivers to contact you via Telegram or Atomic Swap. Taxi Community has developed a system in which you can purchase RIDE tokens for cryptocurrency with a 50% discount and sell RIDE tokens to drivers at the price of Taxi Community.

Mining.Taxi's income is 100% dependent on the sale of RIDE tokens, as well as the number of trips made by riders and is accumulated in BNB coins. Next, let's look at a few examples of how Mining.Taxi income is distributed:

If the RIDE token is sold to the driver through DeFi Swap, then Taxi Community will receive $0.5 USD for 1 (one) RIDE,

  • $0.25 is converted into BNB and goes into the TAXI liquidity pool,

  • $0.15 is converted into BNB and goes into the Mining pool,

  • $0.1 is converted into Bitcoin and goes into the rewards pool.

If the RIDE token is sold to the Partner, then minus the Partner's discount of 50%, Taxi Community will receive $0.25 for 1 (one) RIDE,

  • $0.1 is converted into BNB and goes into the TAXI liquidity pool,

  • $0.05 is converted into BNB and goes into the Mining pool,

  • $0.1 is converted into Bitcoin and goes into the rewards pool.

To achieve a 10,000% increase in TAXI token liquidity to $0.25 from the current low of $0.0025 per token, from 15,000,000,000 to 37,500,000,000 trips would need to be completed. A rough estimate, based on open-source Uber Trips analysis, is that a new service like Mining.Taxi could achieve this in more than 80 months, assuming sustainable development. Source for reanalysis: Uber, Second Measure, Vox, eMarketer.

The Taxi Community has chosen the path of development through marketing, which benefits the community of the project, gives each participant the opportunity to earn rewards, and together develop Mining.Taxi.

Want to contribute to Mining.Taxi directly? Choose a way in which you can contribute based on your skills, professional experience or capabilities.

* All calculations are made approximately and do not take into account the fees of different blockchains.


If I have TAXI tokens, how much can I earn and is there any risk?

For example: you completed the tasks and received 25 TCT, 15 more users registered using your referral link, which gave you another 75 TCT tokens, your balance became 100 TCT.

  • You decided that this was enough for you and decided to exchange your existing TCT tokens for TAXI tokens at the established rate of 1/100. After exchanging 100 TCT tokens, you received 10,000 TAXI tokens, which were credited to the balance of the same wallet. With 10,000 TAXI and subject to further development of the project, you can get an approximate income of $2,500.

Cryptocurrencies are a high-risk product. Be careful and use at your own risk. We cannot guarantee that investors, partners and members of the Taxi Community will not lose money, in the short or long term, because Mining.Taxi's income depends on the activity of the Taxi Community and other factors.

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Mining.Taxi will start in Q3 2025!

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