Crypto Rewards

Make sure it's legal in your country before proceeding!

Please learn more about the Taxi Community before continuing your stay. After that, complete the necessary tasks to be eligible to receive Taxi Community tokens, abbreviated as TCT:

For all tasks complete - Get - 25 TCT (Provided that your Twitter and Instagram pages are created more than a month ago or have more than 100 real subscribers.)

For each referral - Get - 5 TCT (Before sending a referral link to the Airdrop, don’t forget to greet your colleagues, family and friends by sending a funny Mining.Taxi Sticker for Telegram.)

Rewards in TCT tokens will be displayed in Taxi Community Bot and your account, your login and password will be sent to Telegram to the user who participated in completing the tasks.

If you find any bugs, please Send them to the development team from the email address you provided during registration. For a critical error, you will receive an additional reward - 1000 TCT.

Please note!
By participating you are agreeing to the Legal Disclaimer. Click "Launch Airdrop" to proceed.

🗣 Jobs

Taxi Community is looking for:

  • Database Engineer

  • Smart Contract Developer

  • Javascript Developer

  • Solidity Developer

  • Mobile Developer

This work will include designing improvements and implementing it. This is a 100% remote position. Compensation will be in TAXI tokens regardless of experience and location - Send a Request ✍.

* Cryptocurrencies are a high-risk product. Be carefully and use at your own risk.

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Mining.Taxi will start in Q3 2025!

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