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Get up to 100% cash for the trip. Pay 5.00% the Mining.Taxi commission at any time convenient for you via PayPal in the driver’s application, at least once a month. In beta testing, RIDE tokens will not be needed:

  • Install the Driver app and register,

  • Add vehicle,

  • Add documents,

  • Check status after 48 hours,

Welcome. By using Mining.Taxi apps, you agree to the Privacy Policy and Legal Disclaimer. You undertake to comply with the laws of the country in which you are located and agree that Mining.Taxi and Taxi Community does not pay taxes, fines and other fees for you, and is not responsible for the preservation and serviceability of your car. You bear full responsibility for the safety of the trip, for the availability of all necessary documents and insurance.

Starting in Q3 2025, will need RIDE tokens:

RIDE tokens will be automatically deducted from your balance after each completed ride. You can get RIDE tokens for free or exchange your BNB coins for RIDE tokens in the Taxi Сommunity using a DeFi Swap. You can also buy RIDE tokens from Mining.Taxi Partners using legal and convenient payment methods in your country or exchange your Bitcoin for them in a DeFi Wallet.

You can send your RIDE tokens to other drivers, transfer them to any other BEP-20 or ERC-20 wallet. If your RIDE tokens are in an ERC-20 wallet and you decide to sell them, you can exchange them for Bitcoin to other drivers using Atomic Swap.

Regardless of country, you get up to 100% cash on every trip, no matter the cost. After completing one (1) trip, 1 (one) RIDE token will be deducted from your balance, and a 5.00% commission will be calculated from the cost of the trip and accumulated. Pay the Mining.Taxi commission at any time convenient for you via PayPal in the driver’s application, at least once a month.


If I receive up to 100% cash for each trip, how do I pay the 5.00% commission of Mining.Taxi and how do I calculate it?

The Mining.Taxi commission is only 5.00% and can be paid in the Driver app itself via PayPal. For example, if your income is $5,000, then the Mining.Taxi commission will be only $250 and this amount will be automatically calculated for payment.

What is the RIDE token used for?

To keep Mining.Taxi commissions low at 5.00%, and trips became cheaper, it is necessary to introduce a revolutionary approach to the taxi business. The RIDE token makes it possible to develop the product through the Taxi Community and create a tokenized economy for Mining.Taxi based on Web3 and DAO.

How to get RIDE tokens now for free?

Help spread information about Mining.Taxi among other drivers and receive RIDE tokens for free:

  • Launch Airdrop for drivers, send the email address and phone number specified during registration - Get - 25 RIDE (Provided that your status is Approved),

  • For each referral with Approved status - Get - 5 RIDE (Before sending a referral link to the Airdrop, don’t forget to greet your colleagues by sending a funny Mining.Taxi Sticker for Telegram).

How much does 1 (one) RIDE token cost?

It is planned that the cost of one RIDE token will be 0.5 USDT, which is equivalent to 0.5 US dollars. However, the cost can change depending on the decision of the members of the Taxi Community, through voting and Governance in the Mining.Taxi.

How much can I earn?

For example, if you paid $150 and bought 300 RIDE tokens, that would equal 300 rides. If the average cost of a trip is $5, your income will be $1,500, of which you must pay a 5.00% Mining.Taxi commission, which is $75, if the average cost of a trip is $10, your income will be $3,000 and the Mining.Taxi commission will be $150, etc.

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